Artist Julia Sweda Bio - Hand Painted Tile, Glass, Porcelain - Oil and Canvas Artworks

Tile artist and stained glass painting artist Julia Sweda - ArtworksbyJulia.
Julia with some of her private collection she has painted thru the years.
Julia is an accomplished tile, porcelain, stained glass painting artist along with oil and canvas paintings.
Julia Sweda, artist for tile murals, decorative tiles and stained glass painting.
Julia in her studio with three of her seven kilns, artwork she has painted or drawn and various show awards.

   Artist Julia Sweda specializes in custom hand painted tiles, glass and porcelain, china painting of the highest quality and artisanship. She offers unique, made-to-order designs, advice and layout ideas for kitchen, backsplash, wall, bathroom or shower decorating and decor utilizing ceramic tile art, glass, porcelain, oil and canvas paintings.

  Julia started her artistic career with four years of commercial art school in New Jersey and then went on to three years of school in Arizona to learn porcelain and china painting. In her undertakings to become a porcelain artist Julia saw opportunity to become involved with traditional, kiln fired, hand painted tiles, producing beautiful, stunning ceramic tile murals, tile art paintings and decorative tiles. Glass painting and stained glass painting also captured Julia’s interest which led to classes and seminars for glass painting and stained glass artwork that includes medieval style stained glass painting. Julia has been painting professionally for homeowners, decorators and designers as Artworks by Julia for over twenty five years.

  Julia's goal as an artist is to provide custom artworks, paintings and designs to her clients that are personal and have real meaning to them. She welcomes and asks for their input and opinions so together they can develop artwork that is original and unique, her clients will be pleased with and will also enhance and add value to their home or business décor. To quote Julia; "In tile and glass painting and other artworks too, learning is an exciting ongoing experience as I endeavor to emulate the beautiful artwork of talented tile artists of the past and present for my own enjoyment and for those who would commission me to paint for them."

  Locally, in the greater Tucson area, Saddlebrooke and Oro Valley, Arizona, Julia has also created custom trompe l’oeil (tromp-loy), wall murals, and decorative painting for homeowners, commercial businesses, restaurants and the display models of housing developers and contractors. Her internet sales are through this website,

Wall mural, trompe l'oeil artist Julia Sweda, Tucson, AZ - ArtworksbyJulia.

Julia also offers custom wall murals, trompe l'oeil, decorative painting, oil paintings on
canvas and smaller fauxing projects in the greater Tucson area, Saddlebrooke and Oro Valley.
Decorative painting artist Julia Sweda, Tucson, AZ - ArtworksbyJulia.


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